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"Change as a means for sustainable success."

After more than 20 years of leading international organizations as CEO and CFO, versed in Group and SME structures,  I leverage my know-how, experience and network to match exceptional companies with extraordinary candidates.

Beside Executive Search I help companies and candidates in areas like corporate management, corporate control, business repositioning and restructuring. Special focus is on strategy and operational planning, leadership culture, management by objectives, enterprise control, sustainable increase in company value.


Motivation, qualification, lifelong learning, individual growth, the right person on the right job, balance between professional and social environment.

"If you always do
what you have always done,
then you will always get
what you have always gotten.
If you want to have something else,
you must do something else!
And if what you do does not bring you further,
then do something completely different -
instead of more of the same wrong!”

(Paul Watzlawick, Philosopher, 1921 - 2007)

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Mechanical Engineering

Printing Industry

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