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Career Solutions

Unlock the true potential of your career

Every career path is unique and full of opportunities. With our Career Solutions programs, you will work with one of our industry experts to develop a customized strategy for achieving your goals and defining your next career step.

We help you clarify priorities, analyze possible development paths, and understand what success looks like in your industry. The Career Solutions tie assessment, coaching programs, a thorough mentoring based on your professional and private goals – and all of it done by an industry expert with operational knowledge from your industry.

Career Solutions Basic

Do you want to prepare for your next career challenge requiring more responsibility, teamwork, leadership, communication skills, and more? Would you like to find out which soft skills you need to improve to achieve your potential? The Career Solutions Basic offers a complete assessment that allows you to understand what makes you unique. what you are capable of, and even what you could become in your professional journey.

The Career Solutions Basic is the right choice for candidates that want to evaluate the current situation and compare it with a potential next career step. It analyses soft skills (“Can I do the job?”), professional interests (“Do I really want the job?”), and behavioral characteristics (“How am I going to perform in the job”?). 

Career Solutions Light

If you know it’s time to take the next career step but you are still not sure what step that will be, the Career Solutions Light is the right option for you. Work with one of our industry experts who analyze your career options, challenge you throughout the decision process, guide you to the right decision, and create a customized Career Master Plan with actionable steps for accelerating your evolution.

Career Solutions Pro

Do you have an exceptional work background, a track record with constant career progression, experience in taking P&L responsibilities, and know it’s time for making a big change in your career? Would you like to have an experienced sparring partner with industry expertise that can assess your capabilities, understand your needs, and open doors to CEOs and decision-makers of the most desired companies from your industry? The Career Solutions Pro offers a complete package that will guide you from the strategic evaluation of your career to the approach of target companies.

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