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Executive Search

Only a true expert can recognize great leadership.

The future of your organization relies on the quality of its leaders. Hiring the best executives that fit in your organizational culture, understand your business strategies, and take your organization to the top means much more than just analyzing CVs. Our executive search services deliver unmatched results with an end-to-end recruitment process held personally by our team of consultants. Our industry experts understand your company’s DNA and its most important business challenges and match your requirements with top candidates with the right values, skills and mindset for taking your business to the next level.



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How we work

Our unique approach to executive search is the result of a combination of decades of industry expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and a search process focused on the perfect match between the company’s strategic needs and the candidate’s personal goals.

Long-Term Relationships With Key Customers

The hands-on search personally handled by our industry experts allows us to maintain the highest quality standards in our projects. Each partner develops a close relationship with key customers focusing on understanding the company's needs in-depth and supporting the search of executives for strategic positions.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Finding great leaders requires profound industry know-how and an understanding of the company's strategy. Our partners are business leaders with decades of industry expertise that enable them to acknowledge talent and leadership skills that will match your company's DNA.

International Coverage

The synergies of a team with an international background, aligned with the power of state-of-the-art search technologies, allow us to seek the best candidates regardless of where they are located.

B&P Smart Search Process

Our executive search process is founded on a combination of deep industry knowledge, an understanding of the business strategy, DNA, and values, and smart tools that enable us to find, assess, select, and present the most suitable candidates for our customers.

Fast and Efficient

In a competitive market, filling strategic positions fast makes an enormous impact on your company's performance. Therefore, our consultants are entirely focused on working on strategic projects and finding the most suitable candidates as soon as possible.

Sparring Partners with Customers and Candidates

The operational background that our consultants bring to the table enables them to understand both the organization's and the candidate's perspectives. We use that knowledge not only to search, qualify, and select the right candidates, but also to act as sparring partners and guide them throughout the process and beyond.

How we can help

Finding the next great leader for your organization requires much more than matching technical skills. The B&P consultants use their vast executive search know-how to ensure the search and selection of executives with the right cultural fit and who will find in your company the right challenge and reward to stay and take your company to the next level.

We find the best candidates whether they are looking for a job or not

It’s common that top candidates are not actively looking for a change. However, the industry know-how that our consultants bring to the table enables them to approach high-level executives and show them why accepting this challenge is the right next career step for them.

We align experience and technology

We use some of the best tools in the market to ensure that we find the right candidates for you. Using digital assessment, predictive hiring and recruitment technology allows us to find and select the best talents out there for you. 

Connections that allow time-critical placements for strategic roles

The international network of our consultants gives rapid access to top candidates across boarders. By filling a vacant strategic position quickly, we help your company to keep moving forward and growing fast.

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