Els Tenthof van Noorden-Hartman

Life Sciences & Healthcare

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Tolheksbos 4
1187KP Amstelveen
The Netherlands

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"Empower your company for greater success by taking action now."

With over 25 years of experience working with top-tier international companies in the Life Sciences industry, I have developed an approach that focuses on improving problem-solving techniques effectively. I aim to provide positive support through business consulting, establishing trustworthy partnerships to find solutions that benefit individuals and businesses.

I firmly believe that people are the key to success, and I am passionate about bringing partners, companies, and candidates together to drive innovation, growth, and profitability. Combining knowledge, skills, and experience can make a difference and build long-term relationships that inspire high satisfaction, setting you up for a successful future.

"To make the best decisions, having access to exceptional guidance and coaching is critical. Don't leave your future to chance - ensure you have the tools you need to succeed."

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