Wojtek Cieplik

Lighting & Semiconductors

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10707 Berlin

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The success always starts with crafting your own mission

My experience draws from leading multi-cultural and interdisciplinary teams in companies ranging from a start-up, small- and midsize company to corporate, each of them being either market disruptor or market leader. Moreover, driven by my lifelong passion for people and interest in their history, together with my clients we work through their challenges by finding their centre of gravity to eventually achieve growth. By helping the candidates grow, I aim to help their companies get closer to their targets. I believe in openness, trust and commitment – the cornerstones of longterm relationships with my clients. 
Moreover, I am a lighting evangelist and bring over 15 years in the industry across entire value chain: from raw materials through optics and electrical semiconductor components, end products to applications. Offering light consulting services, I support mainly manufacturers and companies operating large logistics space dealing with the seemingly conflicting requirements how to:


  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce light pollution and glare
  • Make a space feel comfortable for the employees to boost their productivity
  • Choose the lighting systems with reduced environmental impact
  • Find the optimal cost strategy to tackle these goals instantaneously. 

Free people from lighting apathy

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